Updated visiting guidelines


Further to Premier Daniel Andrews announcement of changes to restrictions across Victoria on Sunday we are pleased to advice the following changes to visiting guidelines for Kirkbrae.

Effective from Monday, November 23, there are no longer any restrictions in place relating to the timing, purpose or number of people allowed to visit aged care facilities. Density limits (1 person per 4 m2) apply to communal areas but not to resident rooms. Masks, facial shields and social distancing requirements (1.5 metres apart) all continue to apply when inside the facility.

Kirkbrae sincerely appreciates the support and understanding that our residents, their families and loved ones have shown during the extended period of restrictions on visits.

In order to manage the requirements around social distancing and density limits we will keep in place a number of arrangements which we will review regularly from a safety and practicality point of view.

Visitors will still be required to:

  • Book the visit via Kirkbrae Reception in advance and advise the number of visitors attending including their names and contact details (for the purposes of contact tracing). Bookings will not be time specific or time limited rather we require this information in order to monitor and, if necessary, limit the number of people on site at any time.
  • Visits must still be held in resident’s rooms or, weather permitting, outside in the garden or terrace. areas. Common areas within the facility cannot be used for visits at this stage.
  • Complete the Attestation Form and undertake temperature screening on arrival.
  • Be escorted to the Residents Room for the visit by a staff member.
  • At the conclusion of the visit leave the facility directly.


  • Excursions/Taking your loved one home or out for any purpose are now allowed. These will need to be booked so we are aware of resident’s whereabouts at all times.
  • There is no time limit for excursions.
  • We will be creating a document to be completed on return to the facility which advises us where the resident has been while outside the facility for contact tracing purposes if required.

Other changes:

  • We will allow home cooked food to be brought in to the residents. Any food entering the facility must be in disposable containers.
  • Animal/pet visits will be allowed but these must take place outside in the garden or terrace at this stage.

These DHHS guidelines can be found online at https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/visiting-care-facilities-covid-19

Should you have any queries with regard to any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Kirkbrae for clarification.

We thank you all for your ongoing support of Kirkbrae.

Rev Grant Lawry
Social Services Committee

John Fogarty
Acting Chief Executive Officer

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