Kirkbrae COVID 19 Update – Mother’s Day

 We hope you are all well. 

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend we thought to reach out to family and friends as it will be different for everyone this year, and to reassure you all that we are supporting residents at this time. It is going to be hard for many residents and family members as visits cannot occur due to the current restrictions and our need to continue implementing precautions to protect residents. 

As the number of visitors on Mother’s Day is limited, we have some suggestions to ensure your loved ones feel special and you feel connected to each other. You are welcome to deliver or drop off any gifts, cards or flowers to the door, and our staff will ensure they get delivered straight to the resident. If you would like, we can organize skype calls or something similar, for you to have a chat and see your loved one (please let us know by Friday if you wish to do this). We would also like to suggest emailing us photos, messages, or letters that we can print off and give to your loved one. And, of course, we can always help out with a phone call. 

Lifestyle staff have arranged a Mother’s Day afternoon tea for residents. This will occur in small groups, with social distancing, in each area on Thursday and Friday. All ladies will receive a gift from Kirkbrae on Sunday, to be delivered by staff in the morning. Mother’s Day decorations have been put up around the facility to enhance the special day. We are trying to make Mother’s Day as special as we can for all of our ladies, knowing that it will be very different from previous years. 

The restrictions of visiting still apply and we are encouraging you only to visit if it is necessary and for the wellbeing of the resident. We still need to reduce people coming in and out of the facility, so only a maximum of 2 visitors a day, at one time, are allowed (unless there are special circumstances). Please remember to call prior to coming, answer screening questions, have your temperature taken on arrival and bring proof of having your Flu vaccination if you have not already done so. 

To arrange a skype call or if you need assistance with arranging calls please contact Sam, our Lifestyle Supervisor. You can also contact the Care Supervisors or myself for any enquiries. 

Please advise any other family members or friends as appropriate. 

Kind regards and take care. 

Lyn Kleehammer
Facility Manager 

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