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Kirkbrae is governed by the Social Services Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, operating under Church Regulations and in accordance with corporate governance principles. The committee is responsible to the Church’s General Assembly for the planning, development, administration and oversight of all social service activities throughout Victoria. The committee works closely with the Presbyterian Trusts Corporation and the Health & Community Chaplaincy Committee. More information about the Social Services Committee can be found on the Presbyterian Church of Victoria website.

Committee members are appointed by the Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly for three year terms. Members undertake various roles similar to a board, including involvement in sub-committees focussing on specific strategic projects.

Strategic and Operational reporting and analysis is undertaken by the CEO, providing committee members valuable connection with our community, its residents and its staff. Strategic projects, risk management and the financial performance of Kirkbrae are key aspects governed by the Social Services Committee.

The Social Services Committee also supports Presbyterian Youth Victoria (PYV) by providing financial assistance to individuals who would like to attend PYV camps but are not in a financial position to do so.
PYV is the youth organisation of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.  
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Presbyterian Youth Camps - Financial Assistance